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Jewelryis themost beautiful and most objective witness of the time, his hope andzeal, and evidence personal resources-those who wear it and those who create and compile. Tonino Boccadamo knewin the early eighties, he opened a small shopin Alessandria (Piemont) with the ambition of the many shops of jewelry, including famous designers, the buyers who are used to best confirm the value of its design and his dream. Gemstones witht heir natural secrecy gave him the basic motives and inspiration.The uniqueness and beauty, opening a news tudiofor design in hand making jewelry shortly after the first collection was successfully achieved an essential brand BOCCADAMO! Beautiful pieces of jewelry Boccadamo whetheryou givethemorreceive themit iscertainthat it willforeverretainthe samemagicin yourlives.
World Boccadamo jewelry today is huge: thousands of shops throughout the world operating under the same rules. The seriousness of sellers, identical seats, determined how to treat customers, the conditions of sale and exhibition spaces where the jewelry can be seen and selected, is required if you sell or buy Boccadamo jewelry! With great attention takes care of everything including the elegant packing for divine pieces of jewelry.

So Boccadamo actually the kind of guidance in the fashion world!Thanks to this new brand is born of inspiration and reveal the different ways in and out fashion. Beautiful collections and specimens, which are an expression of design and perfection jewelers Boccadamo jewelry celebrates the beauty and magnificence of life art. Fasion TV and CANAL 5 regularly reporting on news from Boccadama, enabling the modern man of today enjoys their taste and style. After all, I know the influential ladies among them Deborah Caprioglio, Rossella Brescia, Edelfa Chiara Masciotta and beautiful MichelaCoppa know that I love their beauty and personality of the Boccadamo jewelry gets extra shine and significance because it has been worn to almost all official receptions and celebrations.
The beauty and value of jewelry Boccadamo testify famous brands BOCCADAMO JEWELS, MYA BOCCADAMO and BOCCADAMO MAN with a design that leaves you breathless. Today is a day designed as much as 7 new models, and no wonder it was just BOCCADAMO selling jewelry in Italy, cradle fashion and style.