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Rings of gold began to be made in the second century before our era. Before that, rings were made of iron.
Ring as proof of loyalty has a long tradition. Egyptians believed that the rings, the most important symbol of marriage, gave him as a sign of loyalty and was considered to be never to be allowed to take off. Younger married in ancient times wore a ring on the middle finger because it was believed that the fingers of one nerve goes right to the heart, in fact emotions one who gives it, to him who wears it. Christians in early Christianity, rings, introduced as a symbol of marriage. Granding vedding and marriage rings appear separately at the beginning of the 19th century


The moment in which two people decide to spend life together, it is probably most intimate and most important decision in life. The beauty of this decision presenting a vedding and marriage rings. Decision on joint life requires careful selection of rings. At any moment in our goldsmiths have a choice of about 2000 models of rings of 14-c gold, white, yellow, a combination of these two with a variety of natural stones. We also offer a 18-c gold on the built-in diamonds, sapphires and other natural stones, and among them certainly is just that, you will identify and select it as a symbol of their decisions. If you want a unique pair of rings construct them for you. It offers you the possibility of special order models, as well as their own designer jewelry you'll wear to the wedding day, on some other occasions or in everyday life.

Opportunity to purchase at 36 war vedding diamond rings and marriage of 18-c gold.