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Mikel Nulesi was born 1929th in Pec where he came to Podgorica, where he opened a goldsmith shop. Since 1967, in the street Miljana Vukova erlier Milosa Novaka, there is action "MIKEL F" - the oldest jeweler in Montenegro. After his death, 1995 th business succeeds and continues his wife Đusta with his children. Goldsmith keeps eternal and everlasting value of the classics, but also in the step following the world trend of modern jewelry design.

The classic, special, unusual, or unique ... jewelry jewelry "MIKEL F" is recognized by his personal stamp of its master. Family tradition and experience, knowledge, skills and artistic gift master goldsmiths' craft in jewelry woven into jewelry "MIKEL F". Family tradition continues to trade successfully. They create jewelry for you that the quality of the indisputable value certainly be part of your family heritage. Employees of the Mikel F jewerly his kindness and accommodatingconfirm the high reputation of shop. They will help you from a large selection of jewelry you buy exactly what you want, and you have the opportunity to be your own designer jewelry. Expose them his idea, and skilled hands of master jewelry will implement your ideas and fulfill the wish-you get jewelry that you've imagined.

Tradition that lasts!